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What our customers say



Anything to ask?


  • We have a connection in Riot department who revealed us a way to obtain RP at much cheaper rate than usual which gives us the opportunity to offer it to you at a much more affordable prices. As for the Skin,Orbs,Chests gifting, we gift from accounts that we stacked prime capsules on.

  • Our service is available on EU West, Eu Nordic & East, and North America. We are constantly looking for opportunities to expand. We are planning to add more servers in the future.

  • Minimum delivery time is 24 hours. In order for gifting option to become available, you need to have the person sending you gift in your friend-list for at least 24 hours. So after ordering we will send you friend request to start this timer as soon as possible.

  • No. The gifts we send will remain on your account permanently.

  • Do not hesitate to contact us through live chat. Our experienced support staff is always ready to help and find a solution for you!

  • SmurfRoyale does not handle financial information. Only our established payment gateway companies such as Paypal has access to sensitive financial data while paying for our services. By using the most secure and verified payment gateways, we ensure maximum safety for our users.

  • SmurfRoyale offers the most secure and premium selection of LoL smurfs and ranked accounts on the market. The company prioritizes on selling the safest and  highest quality accounts available.

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