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Everything You Need to Know About Iron 4 Accounts in League of Legends

If you're a League of Legends player, you've probably heard of Iron 4 - the lowest division in the game's ranked ladder. But what exactly is an Iron 4 account, and why do some players choose to create them? In this article, we'll explore the ins and outs of Iron 4 accounts in League of Legends. What is an Iron 4 Account? An Iron 4 account is a League of Legends account that has been intentionally ranked down to the game's lowest division - Iron 4. This is typically done by losing a large number of games on purpose, often in a group with other players who are also trying to rank down. Once the account has reached Iron 4, the player can then start playing games normally again. Why Do Players Create Iron 4 Accounts? There are a few reasons why players might choose to create Iron 4 accounts: 1. Playing with Friends: One of the most common reasons for creating an Iron 4 account is to play with friends who are new to the game or at a lower rank. By intentionally ranking down to Iron 4, the player can join their friends in matches without worrying about dragging down their primary account's rank. 2. Lower Queue Times: In some regions, queue times for high-ranked players can be very long. By creating an Iron 4 account, the player can play games at a lower rank with shorter queue times. 3. Challenging Yourself: For some players, intentionally ranking down to Iron 4 is a challenge in and of itself. They may want to see if they can climb back up the ranked ladder from the very bottom, or simply enjoy the challenge of playing against lower-skilled opponents. 4. Streamer Content: Some League of Legends streamers create Iron 4 accounts as a way to provide entertaining content for their viewers. By intentionally losing games and ranking down to Iron 4, they can create hilarious and entertaining gameplay videos that their viewers enjoy.

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