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The Psychology Behind Smurfing: Why Players Create Alternate Accounts?

In the realm of online gaming, a practice known as "smurfing" has gained significant popularity. Smurfing refers to the act of experienced players creating alternate accounts, often at lower skill levels, to compete against less skilled opponents. This phenomenon is particularly common in games like League of Legends (LoL), where players can buy unranked level 30 accounts, commonly referred to as "smurf accounts" or "unranked LoL smurf accounts." While smurfing has its fair share of critics, there are underlying psychological reasons that drive players to create these alternate accounts. In this blog, we delve into the psychology behind smurfing and explore the motivations behind this intriguing gaming phenomenon.

The Desire for a Fresh Unranked Start

One of the primary psychological drivers behind smurfing is the desire for a fresh start. Experienced players often reach a point where their main account's skill level has elevated, making it difficult to progress further or experience a new challenge. By creating a smurf account, they can start from scratch, taking on lower-ranked opponents and facing new obstacles. This "reset" can reignite their passion for the game, providing a renewed sense of excitement and motivation.

Competitive Thrill and Dominance

For highly skilled players, smurfing offers an opportunity to exert dominance and satisfy their competitive drive. Playing against less skilled opponents allows them to showcase their superior abilities and achieve a sense of accomplishment. This competitive thrill can be addicting, as they continuously strive for victory and the satisfaction that comes with having a clean high win ratio. The ability to outperform opponents effortlessly can boost their self-esteem and reinforce their perception of skill.

Learning and Experimentation

Smurfing can also serve as a learning experience for players. By creating alternate accounts, they can experiment with new strategies, champions, or playstyles without the fear of jeopardizing their main account's rank and stats. This freedom to explore and take risks enables players to expand their gameplay repertoire and broaden their understanding of the game. Smurfing can be seen as a playground for self-improvement, allowing players to refine their skills and adapt to different scenarios.

Reducing Performance Anxiety and Stress

On their main accounts, experienced players often face performance anxiety and the pressure to maintain a high rank. This pressure can lead to stress and negatively impact their overall gaming experience. Smurfing provides an escape from this stress, allowing players to engage in a more relaxed and carefree environment. Without the fear of losing rank or disappointing teammates, they can play without the burden of high expectations, thereby reducing anxiety and enjoying the game in a more casual manner.

Sense of Power and Control

Creating and playing on a smurf account can give players a sense of power and control. They can dictate the pace of the game, make strategic decisions without interference, and influence the outcome more significantly. This control promotes a sense of autonomy, allowing players to shape their gaming experience to their preferences. Such autonomy can be liberating, especially for players who feel constrained by the rigid structure of their main account.

It is important to strike a balance between the enjoyment of smurfing and maintaining a fair and inclusive gaming environment for players of all skill levels.

By recognizing and discussing the psychology behind smurfing, we can foster a deeper understanding of the diverse motivations that drive players to create alternate accounts in games like League of Legends.


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