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D4 71WR Handleveled +38Gains TOP MID 6Skins 21K BE Full Access
  • D4 71WR Handleveled +38Gains TOP MID 6Skins 21K BE Full Access

D4 71WR Handleveled +38Gains TOP MID 6Skins 21K BE Full Access


✔️Full Access. Meaning Email and Password Changeable. Full ownership transferred to you upon completion of purchase.

Flash Key: F
⭐ High MMR
⭐ Perfect account for TOP/MID players
⭐ Nice Skins

❗If this account does not meet your requirements, contact us. Specify what kind of account you need and let us find it for you.

Advantages of shopping with us❓

⚡Instant Delivery
⭐You will receive exactly what you paid for. 
⭐Our handpicked boosters rank up our accounts and we offer them to the market. All our accounts are safe from recovery. If you doubt us please check our profile again.

Important Note: Do NOT submit tickets to riot support from a bought account. You have to be under the radar of riot games your 1st month. Contacting riot from the account can result in your account getting investigated and then blocked for account sharing/selling.

If you have any concerns or issues please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help!

Minimize Ban Risk by applying the tips that are given below.

⭐Do not share your account
Account sharing carries many risks. The main ones are differences in location.
In case your account gets under supervision of a Riot Games inspector,
it might get permanently blocked for account sharing.

⭐Reduce your game activity to a minimum
It is recommended to keep your game activity at lowest possible stage. 
It is a proven fact that toxic players get 85% more permanent bans than players who don't chat at all.
This is due to reports and tickets for toxic people, submitted by other players.

⭐Do not use an email that has been linked to another league of legends account
In order to increase the safety of your account, you should avoid using an email
that was previously linked to another league of legends account. 
So we recommended for you to create a completely new email for your new account.

What does account purchase process look like❓
- Once an account is purchased and your payment has been verified by g2g, I will be notified to deliver the account. Which in most cases will be instant unless we are offline.
+ In the delivery, you will receive account username, account password and accounts current email access. With this information, you can change the email and password of the account.

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