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The Answers You are Looking for

  • SmurfRoyale is a leading provider of LoL smurfs, ranked accounts, and gifting services. Our reputation in the industry is unmatched due to the exceptional quality of our services. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience, and our commitment to quality has earned us a top-tier reputation in the industry.

  • SmurfRoyale is unmatched in terms of the high quality standards we maintain for our LoL Smurfs, ranked and smurf accounts. There is no other place online that offers these services at such a premium level while still having the lowest prices. If you want a top-level and professional experience, SmurfRoyale is the ideal choice.

  • Buying a smurf account from SmurfRoyale comes with maximum security. We prioritize safety so we provide lifetime warranty for all our services to ensure that you feel confident in your purchase. This means that we will provide support and address any issues that may arise with your account even after the initial purchase.

  • SmurfRoyale takes safety very seriously and we are committed to protecting the accounts of our customers. We use advanced security measures such as VPN and 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure that our customers accounts remain safe and secure. Our dedication to providing the safest service has made us the most reliable and trusted company in the LoL Smurfs and LoL account retailing market.

  • Yes. We only sell full access accounts which means you will be able to change the accounts email, password and  in-game Name.

  • Our automatic delivery system sends out the account details in 'username:password' format to your email(instantly). In the odd case the email you received says 'contact merchant for license', please reach out to us through our live chat or email so we can resolve your issue immediately.

  • Handleveled league accounts are leveled by a real(human) player without the use of any 3rd party programs or bots. They are typically leveled in ARAMs or Normal games.

  • SmurfRoyale does not handle financial information. Only our established payment gateway companies such as Paypal and Stripe has access to sensitive financial data while paying for our services. By using the most secure and verified payment gateways, we ensure maximum safety for our users.

  • Do not hesitate to contact us through live chat. Our experienced support staff is always ready to help and find a solution for you!


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Fast Delivery

With the help of our automated system you will receive your account to your email address immediately. For the Custom account request, delivery time can be selected. 

0% Banrate

We can confidently say that throughout test runs, each of our accounts operated without a single suspension. To prove this, we offer lifetime warranty on all our Smurf accounts with no additional cost.


Due to long-term relationship with our levelers and boosters we have established an environment where we can offer you the best quality accounts for the cheapest possible price on the market.


With our lifetime warranty and well-known payment methods, your money is guaranteed to be safe! Dont believe us? Check out our reviews on Trustpilot!


If you cannot find an account that meets your requirements, you can fill in a customized request which will be delivered to you in the time-frame you have chosen. This is simply the easiest way to get the account you desire.


Any inquiries regarding our service or your order? Our specialist support team is available 24/7 via live chat or email to assist you.